JBS is the largest global producer of beef. With the capacity to process 81,500 head of cattle per day, it has production plants in the world’s major livestock centers: Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, the United States, Canada and Australia.

This diversified global presence allows JBS to serve 100% of the world’s consumer markets.

It is also the largest global processor of poultry. It has the capacity to process 13.8 million birds per day at production units in Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Puerto Rico. In these operations, it prepares processed and fresh products to serve those respective markets and supply exports. It also processes turkey, which is handled by a unit in Brazil, with a capacity of 25,000 birds per day.

It is also a leader in lamb and mutton production, through its operations in Australia. And JBS is among the global leaders in pork production. It has the capacity to process 114,700 hogs per day at 14 factories spread throughout Brazil, Australia and the United States, supplying the domestic and foreign markets.

The Company also handles leather processing , a specialty in which it is the global leader, with manufacturing facilities in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Vietnam, China, Mexico, Italy, Germany, the US and Australia and the development of new business from by-products extracted from the animal proteins that it handles and from the recyclable waste generated by its operations.

These activities are divided into four regional platforms and six business units: South America, which includes the operations of JBS Mercosul and JBS Foods, North America, covering the beef, pork and poultry operations in the region, Europe e Asia-Pacific.

JBS is a global leader in the segments in which it operates

1st World’s largest beef producer
1st World’s largest leather processor
1st World’s largest poultry producer
1st World’s largest lamb and mutton producer
2nd Largest pork producer in the US