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JBS Culture Events

The main action that has been developed for team members to experience the JBS Culture are the Cultural Events. They have even shown themselves to be effective tools for translating JBS to the employees of recently acquired operations.

In these events, the main leaders of JBS meet with team members to convey the Company’s values, vision and beliefs. The global CEO himself participates on these occasions, accompanied, at some of them, by the founder of JBS and other executives. Through presentations, discussions and the exchange of experiences, the Culture Events have proven effective at engaging employees with the principles that guide JBS’s operations.

In 2015, more than 103,000 global team members participated in these events.

  • In Brazil, approximately 93,000 team members participated in the Culture Events promoted between the months of October 2014 and June 2015 at the JBS Beef, JBS Foods, JBS Leather and JBS New Business units.
  • No Mercosul, cerca de 400 lideranças da Argentina, BIn Mercosul, approximately 400 leaders from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico and Chile were in Buenos Aires, in March 2015, for a specific Culture Event held for them.
  • Three months later, approximately 2,000 team members attended the Culture Events held in Argentina.
  • In May, June and October, Culture Events were held in Uruguay and Paraguay, bringing together more than 3,100 team members.
  • Between June and October, ten Culture Events were held in cities across the United States and Canada, bringing together about 4,200 team members. An event was also held in the United States in March for 630 leaders of the operations in that country, Canada, Mexico and Australia.
  • In November, 255 team members from Moy Park participated in a Culture Event specially designed for them, which was held in London.

Each JBS team member serves as guardian of the JBS Culture. It is up to Human Resources to disseminate the values, beliefs, and pillars, providing situations in which team members experience the Culture, but it is the JBS team members who are ultimately charged with guarding and exemplifying the JBS Culture everyday through their actions and words.

Evento de Cultura JBS

Communication Channels

Clear and direct communication with team members is one way to disseminate and strengthen JBS’s culture among its employees. Therefore, in 2015, the business units in Brazil focused on the development of new channels and the improvement of existing ones:

  • Internal Communications Manual – Created in order to standardize the channels and structure communications processes. To disseminate these principles, the number of communications agents in the business areas was increased. The goal is to establish a single, standardized language in materials, while safeguarding the communications vehicles of the respective units.
  • Collaborative Intranet – Given the geographical diversification of JBS’s operations, the Intranet was redesigned in 2015, aiming to strengthen ties between employees. The tool, under this new format, started to encourage the spread of best practices and exchange of experiences between internal stakeholders.
  • Dimensão (Dimension) Magazine – Also launched in 2015, the magazine provides team members, on a quarterly basis, with information about the Company’s business, while also addressing other topics of interest.
  • HR Portal – This is a new access channel, on the Company’s Intranet, for the Performance Evaluation technology, a platform that develops and monitors the professional growth of the JBS Teams, by evaluating results and behaviors demonstrated with the Company. The reformulation of the web portal, in Brazil, adheres to the model already used by the JBS units in the United States, Australia and Canada. It provides exclusive access to leaders of the Units and team members with technical positions, allowing employees to track their goals, participate in the 360° evaluation and enter and track their Individual Development Plan (IDP). In addition, they can update their resume and career information, professional objectives, geographical mobility and hierarchy, and consult the entire JBS organizational chart, among other features.